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Thermal Efficiency

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Let’s be honest, Scotland’s weather can’t exactly be relied on.

We can have some hot summers and freezing cold winters: but then again, we could enjoy some remarkably mild winters and damp and dreary summers. So with such a lack of reliability from our eco system, how can we keep the temperature in our homes consistent?

One sound investment would be to pick up the bifold doors available from Ekco Building Services.

Bi Fold Doors designed to keep you warm

Why? It’s simple: these bifold doors have been purposefully designed to help keep a property warm whenever it is cold outside; and to keep it cool whenever the weather outside is hot.

How is this done? Each set of bifold doors has received a certified U value of 1.3W/(m2K): meaning they are significantly ahead of existing British Building Regulations, by approximately 27 per cent. The result is that you can stay green with increased flexibility on larger design projects and the possibility of keeping your energy bills in check.

Safe & Secure with Origin Bi Folding Doors in Scotland

All of the bifold doors are fully weather rated to meet British Standards and have been designed to include weather tight seals alongside thermal breaks. They also incorporate locking mechanisms that ensures maximum compression and increases weather resistance. 

All of the bifold doors are available right across Scotland. So if you want to capitalise on the leading supplier and installer of aluminium bifold doors across the country, then get in touch with us now


Edinburgh 0131 603 5060

Aberdeen 01224 937 172

Livingston 01506 857 007

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Key Features

  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Child safe
  • Secure by Design
  • Energy efficient U value of 1.3
  • Custom built to fit any apperture
  • Wide range of colour choices
  • 7 working days production time